While Ya' Squad Slept

by Pac.BRIM v para-DOX

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This is my first solo project since my first live performance doing rap (in 2002) that I had written over a beat I produced which was at a Mars Music store open mic a friend invited me to. He failed to mention it was put on by CMT. I started rapping as full time as am emcee (in 2003) with a group called SoulFIRE of which I supervised the independent release of our album Fired Up on my XDC Record label. I promoted this project statewide and nationally, getting us on a cable battle of the bands on the Damascus Road Show in which we received second place performing a song I wrote and produced. I started the Dallas/Fort Worth Hip Hop Alliance (in 2003) to bring artist together we did some really successful shows Faze1 Final Fridays & Faze1 First Fridays (in 2004), along with others shows in conjunction with other local promoters. We also had local meetings for artist to network, build and grow. For a season I had worked for Dj Maj’s Virtual Frequency (in 2002) as their Dallas representative, helped get the show back on the air, as well helped plan and promote a Virtual Frequency Christmas show at The Neotropolis in Carrollton, TX (in 2003). After that I started working for Tre-9 and Much Luvv Records (2003-2006) as their marketing and promotion manager, getting “The Next… Now!” album reviewed by the like of OkayPlayer & into such store as Under Ground Hip Hop as well as putting out mixtapes to promote Much Luvv Records releases. I promoted to magazines and radio CY’s The Ringleader as his publicist for a while (2005 - 2008). I have also worked for the All Eye’s On Me Achievement Awards as their media and Red Carpet coordinator for three years (2005 - 2008). In 2008 Just paraDOX started the organization Holy Hip Hop 4 Darfur to help those affected by the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan. The first record with many contributions by MCs from the christian rap scene is "The Save Darfur Now Compilation : Holy Hip Hop Responds To The Genocide In Darfur" (2008). In 2009 I joined Secta 7, a crew of underground emcee’s who’ve been in the industry for years.

The While Ya Squad Slept Mixtape features 007 (of 5th Ward Boys), Applejaxx (of Nureau Ink), Gibraan (of Nureau Ink), Khul Rhema (of Ziklag Boyz), Tre-9 (of The Much Luvv Fam), KJ-52, C Micah, S.O.M (Soldiers On a Mission), ICECE, Tha Heata, Truth Seekah, Ron Daniel and Big Moose. This is my first solo project. Its been a while coming. This is release for free as a taste of things I've worked on and have yet to release. As an end of this phase of my life, having lived and ministered in Texas for almost 10 years, having found a wife, got married and had a son. This is a Cap-stone to this epoch of my life, as we move forward to a new beginning as we move back to my home state, the Golden State. Let see what G-d has for this next phase of the journey.


released June 8, 2010

Executive Producer: Jeramiah Giehl
Recorded At: The Edge Studio
Written by Jeramiah A Giehl for JAG'D Edge Media
Mixes, Cuts and Blending By: DJ XDC aka Edgy Fingaz
(c) JAG'D Edge Media / XDC reCORDz



all rights reserved


Pac.BRIM v para-DOX Mesa, Arizona

Pac.BRIM is a Jewish Rapper similar to Kosha Dillz. Influenced from Matisyahu, Shemspeed, Diwon, Y-Love, and other Israeli Hip-Hop artists.

DOX Vs. BRIM The Brim Reaper is a concept album that features the concept where Pac.BRIM represents the Yetzer Hara (Evil Inclination) and para-DOX representing the Yetzer Hatov (Good Inclination). Its a ballance between Anger Management and Therapy Music.
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